Sometimes the hard, and also the fun, thing about being an artist is that there is no “right way” to do it. How do I get there? What should my life look at this stage of the journey? What are the steps? There are some basics about things to try and short term goals to set, but what about all the details and gaps to fill in? How does one pay bills in the mean time? How should I structure my time? How many art pieces should I be producing in a given time? There ARE resources I have found that have helped me with some of this. For example, I am reading the book, “Starving to Successful” by J. Jason Horejs which gives succinct and helpful advice about approaching a career as an artist successfully. But there is still so much open ended to figure out as I go. And really it is by the grace of God that details ARE filled in and I’m able to continue pursuing an art career.

I recently got a job at a small contracted post office where, get this, they WANT me to use the space as a studio and display my art on the walls to show and sell. Between post office customers I actually have a fair amount of time to get artwork done. In addition to obvious benefits of hanging work in a public venue, I’m grateful for the social aspect of this situation. Working in my studio alone all the time did not fit my personality well and I struggled to stay there and work for very long. I am also more likely to get art work done when I am stuck in one place. I’m grateful for this opportunity, however random it seems… Come see me at my studio/gallery at the Remax Post Office at 1507 E. Race Street in Searcy!