Let’s look at Genesis chapter 1- the beginning of creation and creating as we know it on this Earth. By the ultimate Creator, in whose image we are made. I assume that “image” means attributes, nature, personality, characteristics, etc. So His very creativity by which He made us is IN us to go “go forth into the earth” and be creative in turn. In fact that was one of the very first directives he gave to mankind after creating Adam.

In Genesis 1 the first interaction God has with mankind is to bless them (yes it says “them”, even though as far as we know, Adam is the only human on Earth at that point) (Genesis 1:28). Bless is kind of vague, but it’s incredible in it’s vagueness. It is a sweet vote of confidence and affection. It is an immediate show of God’s goodness and kindness. We sometimes take for granted that God wants to bless us, but think about other cultures creation accounts. A grumpy demi-god bumps in to something and then poof! Earth formed out of his coffee spilling on the celestial tile floor. Maybe his dog tries to lick it up and then rivers form on the Earth’s surface. Ok not exactly, but that’s sometimes the flavor of the accidental and impersonal nature of some creation stories. But God created us on purpose. He wants us to do well and have joy and THRIVE. With His will and blessing in the core of our make-up, we also want to thrive. Every thriving society has created and even created art in some form.

Next he gives them the command to be fruitful and multiply, which itself is a partnering with His creation. God could have easily created every single human being for all history out of the dust of the Earth, like Adam. But he chose not to do that, but rather to let us play a role in His process of creating. Every human being IS His creation, correct? But we humans take part in the process of each new person coming to be. This is one of the glorious mysteries. He wants us to be in on his favorite work. He must like us or something.

The next thing he does is give us empowerment. He gives us everything on the earth to use and over which to have dominion (Gen. 1:26-30). Obviously he wants us to do something with it, but he didn’t outline what exactly. Obviously he meant us to use the earth for food to survive, but human kind obviously didn’t stop there and I don’t think God intended us to. The difference between God’s creativity and ours is that he creates something out of nothing and we create something out of something, but in both cases something NEW is made. He gave us all the materials we needed to create something out of something.

Last of all, and that is only “last” for this blog post and for the first two chapters of the Bible, is in Genesis 2:19-20. Adam got to name the animals. It’s obvious all over the Bible that God considers something’s name to be to be instrumental in its identity and value. Particularly His own name; He says he will forgive or act “for my name’s sake,” many times in the Old Testament. God often gives people a new name in the Bible to denote a new meaning and identity for that person. You may be thinking that they are animals and not people with souls and spirits, etc., but don’t forget he names “woman” a few verses later 😉 . And maybe that was just a warm up to get the creative juices flowing.

I love knowing God made me this way. I love that He called it good. I love that he made me to LOVE doing what glorifies Him and his reveals attributes. Praise the Lord who made good things.

(Side Note: the format of Genesis 1 in Hebrew is a Poem. Why not introduce God’s word in a lovely, artistic way? Yes, please.)